Shelter Worker Is Horrified To Find Dying Puppies Packed In A Taped Box In Rain

The workers of “Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation” from Stilwell, Oklahoma, were horrified to find 10 puppies sealed in a tightly taped plastic box at their doorstep one morning. The cramped puppies were soaking wet from being out in the rain all night.


Source: Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation/Facebook


The box had holes punched in it, but it barely made any difference as the puppies were suffocating and distressed from the humid heat. As a worker opened the box, the sight of the petrified puppies begging for help broke her heart.

The puppies were in need of immediate medical attention. At the vet’s, some of the puppies were found to be on the brink of death. Fortunately, they all pulled through with the help of the dedicated caretakers.


Source: Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation/Facebook


The workers have made a public plea to stop abandoning animals so callously. The shelter resources are always strained and many such animals have to be put down due to financial constraints. Instead of dumping the innocent babies, the shelter has urged people to spay/neuter their pets through the many discounted programs available.


Source: Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation/Facebook


Luckily, this video shared by the shelter went viral, and all the puppies have found lovely forever homes. The shelter has requested people to donate towards the care and upkeep of other such abandoned pets through their GoFundMe page

Check out the video below to watch the shelter worker discovering the terrified puppies in the cramped box.

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Posted by Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation on Friday, April 28, 2017

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