Owner Dumps Puppy On A Deserted River Bank, Puppy Sees Fishing Boat & Cries Out

A group of fishermen were going about their day when a painful sight caught their eye. One of the fishermen had spotted a stranded puppy staring anxiously at them from an isolated river bank. The puppy was completely helpless and had nowhere to go.

Source: CrappieKirby/YouTube

The fishermen knew that the puppy would starve to death or drown if he wasn’t rescued, so they turned their boat in his direction. The puppy was so happy to see the fishermen that he started leaping happily in anticipation.

The fishermen realized that there was no way such a friendly puppy didn’t have a home. His owners clearly didn’t want him and left him to die in the deserted wilderness with no habitation.

When the fishermen finally got to the bank, the puppy eagerly climbed on one of the dried up branches to reach the boat.

Source: CrappieKirby/YouTube

One of the fishermen stretched his hand out to the puppy and helped him cross the water. The puppy got drenched in the process, but he was no longer stranded! The fishermen dried him up and took him back to their place.

Later, one of the fishermen’s friends came forward to adopt the puppy! The puppy is now being raised in a cozy home surrounded with love!

It breaks our hearts to know that some people remorselessly dump puppies and leave them to die. Let’s make it clearly known to such shameless owners that this is not okay at all!

Click the video to watch the fishermen’s heartwarming rescue mission for the puppy!

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