Puppy Found All Alone And Struggling To Stay Afloat In Middle Of The Ocean

A couple of sailors happened to be at the right place at the right time for a life in need.

While out at sea, they noticed something moving and struggling in the water — and it definitely wasn’t a fish.

It was a puppy, and somehow he was out there all alone. He was tiring from treading water and trying to stay afloat, and they had to act quickly.

Source: The Dodo/Facebook

But everytime they got a little bit closer to the pup, the tide kept pushing him further away.

The little dog started drifting off, and the men were becoming more worried by the minute. Time was ticking for this rescue.

Source: The Dodo/Facebook

Then with a sudden burst of energy, the dog paddled back toward the boat. He knew it was his only chance, and the men were able to grab him and pull him aboard!

No one knows how the little pup made it out there all alone, but he was finally safe and sound and on to the life he’s always deserved. 🙂

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Stranded Dog Found In The Middle Of The Ocean

Little dog found in the middle of the ocean 😩

Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

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