Puppy Strung Up To Tree For 3-Days And Tortured, Pulls Through To Defy Abusers

In a disturbing act of violence, an animal hero stepped forward and intervened.

A man was walking from his village to another when he heard gut-wrenching cries. He followed the noise to a tree where a dog hanged, fighting for his life.

Source: Takis Shelter/YouTube

Some evil monster had tortured the poor dog by burning his entire body. Then strung him up and left him there to die.

According to neighbors who tried to locate the cries, he was there for several days before he was found. Can you imagine? Yes, it makes us sick too!

The man took the dog to the veterinarian immediately and the vet called Takis Shelter and asked for help.

Source: Takis Shelter/YouTube

Volunteers with the Takis Shelter came to see the dog. They were saddened to see he was merely a puppy.

No creature deserves this… but a baby? WHY??? The poor puppy was in a state of shock. They gave him a name, Ozzy.

Because the dog was hung for so long, the lack of oxygen to his brain caused damage that would hopefully be reversible.

Ozzy walked in circles. Takis thinks it could also be from the noose spinning around on the tree.

Source: Takis Shelter/YouTube

The puppy spins so much, he cannot walk to Takis when he wants to or get to his food when hungry. Recovery, if possible, is going to take a lot of energy.

By some miracle, his body settled down. He stopped… >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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