Rescued Pit Bull Gets Her Very Own Maternity Photoshoot

Mama Pickles, an adorable pit bull, was seen wandering all by herself in the streets in September of last year. 

When she was found by rescuers, it was instantly apparent that she was in need of help. The 2-year-old pit bull was heavily pregnant and extremely dazed.

The animal control officers quickly got her off the streets and attempted to find out where she had come from.

They proceeded to get in contact with her registered owners, only to hear that, sadly, they didn’t want her anymore and opted to leave her at the shelter.

Her owners decided to completely abandon her

Image credits: Pits And Giggles Rescue

The poor pit bull was so heavily pregnant, she was in need of more specialized help than the shelter could provide, but, thankfully, she was quickly found by Pits & Giggles Rescue – a non-profit organization specializing in caring for pregnant and nursing mama dogs as well as their pups.

The sweet pitty couldn’t contain her excitement and nothing could prevent her from playing with her new friends. Her huge belly made moving around a little difficult, but even that couldn’t stop her.

So rescuers took her in

Image credits: Enchanted Hills Photography

The incredible photoshoot wouldn’t have been possible without Sykes, who is the photographer behind Enchanted Hills Photography and volunteers to take pictures of dogs at Pits & Giggles Rescue to help them get adopted.

“When Pits & Giggles reached out saying that they just brought in a Mama from the shelter that was the proudest, happy and caring little thing, we wanted to take photos to keep those precious moments,” she told Bored Panda.

Sykes decided to give Mama Pickles a maternity photoshoot

Image credits: Enchanted Hills Photography

Image credits: Enchanted Hills Photography

Everyone was amazed at Mama Pickle’s modeling abilities, she went into full-on diva mode as soon as the camera came out and showed everyone how to work ‘it’.

However, her enormous belly kept getting in the way and it was hard not to laugh at the lovely pit bull’s goofiness.

“The most challenging part was getting Pickles to stop licking us! She wanted pets, pats, and belly rubs. She was just loving this new thing called “love”. She was so excited she could hardly sit still! Seeing Pickles sticking her tongue out, wagging her tail, and just being overall content was the most rewarding part. I could not thank the board and volunteers of Pits & Giggles enough that saved this sweet mama,” she told Bored Panda

Shortly after the first photoshoot, Mama Pickles gave birth to her puppies

Image credits: Enchanted Hills Photography

Not long after the maternity photoshoot, Mama Pickles gave birth to eight healthy puppies. It only seemed right to do a follow-up photoshoot of the proud new mama with her lovely newborns.

It was clear, Pickles was ever so proud of her achievements while nursing over her babies. The rescuers said motherhood was second nature to her and she did an amazing job taking care of her little ones.

And then did another photoshoot with them as well

Image credits: Enchanted Hills Photography

Mama Pickles and her babies have all since found their loving forever homes and we couldn’t be any happier for them all!

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