They Didn’t Want ‘Special Needs’ Pup Anymore, Dumped Him In Cardboard Box

Poor little Ricky was found abandoned inside an Amazon cardboard box.

Thankfully, he was rescued, but when they tried to feed him, they knew something was wrong. The food wasn’t reaching his stomach, and they couldn’t figure out why.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

Rescuers then brought Ricky to the hospital to have several tests done, including x-rays and CT scans.

The tests revealed that Ricky had megaesophagus, which is a condition where dogs are unable to swallow food normally because their esophagus lacks the muscular tone and motility needed to move food and water.

Instead, the esophagus dilates and food backs up, which causes them to regurgitate the meal.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

Sadly, instead of taking care of this issue, Ricky’s previous owners decided to dump him on the streets like trash.

But Ricky would never be abandoned again. He now had people who loved him and would care for him in the way he deserved.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

He even found a loving forever home, where they will treat his condition and help Ricky eat with ease.

Watch his rescue and journey in the video below:

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