Dog Was Dying In 150F Hot Car While His Owner Enjoyed The Air Conditioned Store

The Roswell Police Department and Fire Department were alerted about a dog suffering in a sweltering hot car parked outside a shopping center.

When the officers arrived at the location, they were shocked to find the dog’s condition much worse than they had expected.

Source: Roswell Police Department/Facebook

While the front window of the car was cracked, the elderly dog was completely unable to cool himself down in the backseat.

The temperature outside was 97F, but the officers were horrified when the temperature gadget flashed a staggering 150F inside the car.

No wonder the overheated dog was panting hard in a desperate attempt to cool off.

Source: Roswell Police Department/Facebook

The officers were able to remove the distressed dog from the car, but his heat stroke and dehydration symptoms had turned pretty scary by then.

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The officers grabbed a nearby garden hose to alleviate his suffering with cold running water, and then gave him enough water to drink.

The dog’s life was saved thanks to the officers’ timely actions, while his careless owner was strolling in the air-conditioned shopping center the whole time. The owner was later charged with cruelty to animals.

Source: Roswell Police Department/Facebook

The officers have pointed out that temperature inside cars spike up within minutes. The hostile heat makes it potentially fatal for dogs, who can only cool off by panting and sweating through paw pads.

Let’s spread the word and raise awareness about the horrors of leaving dogs in overheated cars.

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Click the video below to watch the officers responding to the elderly dog trapped in the scorching 150F heat of the car.

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