Dachshund Dramatically Struggles To Climb Up The Stairs But She Doesn’t Give Up

Roxy is a 10-year-old Dachshund who lives in San Francisco with her mom, Danielle Taylor. Danielle finds Roxy to be a plucky girl who overcomes challenges with her single-minded dedication.

Recently, she found Roxy on a mission to climb the 2 huge living room steps at a friend’s house, and her struggle was just too adorable!

Source: Caters Clips/Youtube

Being a Dachshund, Roxy has naturally strong and stubby limbs that make her good at digging or hunting. But when it comes to scaling the stairs, her anatomy fails her.

In this video, we see Roxy meticulously observing the stairs and putting together a strategy to climb up. But all her plans go down the drain as her back legs just won’t reach the edge of the stairs!

Source: Caters Clips/Youtube

Roxy tries different positions and jumps from every angle to climb up to the stairs, but she fails miserably every single time.

However, the gritty dog just won’t give up! She keeps at it for a whole minute, until she’s finally able to scale the height of the stairs like a victorious champion!

Source: Caters Clips/Youtube

Roxy’s adorable battle with the stairs definitely proves that this brilliant dog is not scared of obstacles in her life.

In a way, she has truly motivated us to face our troubles head on and conquer every bump in the road with patience and perseverance!

Click the video below to watch Roxy’s heart-melting struggle to climb the stairs with her tiny limbs!

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