Savage Taped His Muzzle Shut, Wrapped Him Garbage Bags & Left Him In Public Park

A senior dog was found after he was cruelly dumped next to a Brooklyn park garbage can.

A soulless individual had taped his mouth shut and wrapped him in garbage bags, then left him next to the trash as if his life meant nothing.

Thankfully, someone walking passed the area of the park spotted the dog and called 911. The dog’s breathing was labored and there was no time to waste.

Officer Griffen Rosen arrived on the scene and reached out to New York Bully Crew where the officer volunteers his time. They named the dog Saint Vincent.

Source: New York Bully Crew

Craig Fields, a volunteer with New York Bully Crew, told the New York Post, “I can’t even wrap my head around it, how anyone could do this to a dog. For anyone, to just tape, this dog’s muzzle shut… they’re monsters. There’s a monster out there right now that did this.”

Source: New York Bully Crew

The vet explained to the rescue group that the senior dog was already battling health issues and this may have been a cruel attempt by the owner of ‘euthanizing him.’ Saint Vincent was covered in tumors and had issues with both of his hind legs.

Now safe, Saint Vincent can live out his senior days in a home being well-cared for. His foster family stepped up and adopted him.

Source: New York Bully Crew

Update on Saint Vincent:

“With a broken heart, we have learned that our beloved Saint Vincent has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our majestic Vincent will be remembered for his grace, his kind heart and his immense will to survive.

We will celebrate his life and we are thankful to have been a part of his epic story. What is important to keep in mind is that the time he spent with his family had erased the harm that was done to him. He was able to experience what it was like to have respect, love, and dignity.

He was given a second chance when Craig and V took him into their home and showed him what it is like to be loved. And when Vincent’s family adopted him, he finally found his home. His gentle and kind heart will forever shine bright and light our way.

Source: New York Bully Crew

Saint Vincent was diagnosed with Leonberger Polyneuropathy- a debilitating disease affecting the nervous system. Saint Vincent, thank you for your bravery and forgiveness.

You will be remembered with joy in our hearts and a smile in our souls. Play with the angels and run free…You are loved.”

While we are saddened by his passing, we are thrilled Saint Vincent lived out his days with a loving family. No dog deserves what he went through, no matter their age or health condition.

Please, fosters are desperately needed for senior dogs. If you can find it in your heart to open your home to a dog like Saint Vincent, contact your local shelters and rescue groups today!

Source: NYBC Meet and Greet with Saint Vincent and Earl Grey via New York Bully Crew

The video below is of Saint Vincent’s rescue. It is upsetting to watch but we promise he was taken care of and did very well after being placed in a home. Bless you, Saint Vincent! May you R.I.P!

To make a donation to New York Bully Crew so more lives can be saved, click here.

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