Lonely Dog Howled For 9 Days Straight, But Her Owners Never Came Back For Her

The parking lot of a Memphis area Sam’s Club store suddenly began echoing with the most gut-wrenching howls and cries.

When people ran to investigate, they were horrified to find a dog dumped right in the middle of the parking space.

She was visibly traumatized and peeped into every passing car hoping it was her owner.

Source: Kimberley Slown‎/Facebook

The locals began calling the dog Samantha, and informed “Arrow Dog Rescue” about the poor baby’s plight.

Rescuer Mary Murphy rushed to retrieve the dog, but it turned out to be another challenge altogether. 

Samantha was skittish and had a panic attack every time someone came close. The poor thing just wanted to see her owner and return home.

Samantha spent 9 days rejecting humans and wailing hopelessly. Finally, Mary brought along her dog to the parking lot in an attempt to make Samantha feel safe.

This worked like a miracle as just 3 days later, Samantha gave up on waiting for her owner and followed Mary to the shelter!

Source: Arrow Dog Rescue-Animal Rescue Revolution on Wheels/Facebook

Samantha still had a hard time coping with her abandonment after rescue. The shelter posted her sad story on social media and began working on her rehabilitation.

Soon, a family came forward to adopt this gloomy girl.

Source: Arrow Dog Rescue-Animal Rescue Revolution on Wheels/Facebook

Samantha’s new family showered her with love and let her come out of her shell at her own pace. Gradually, the dog realized that her new humans were never going to betray her.

Soon, all her insecurities disappeared and she embraced her forever family with the happiest smile!

Click the video below to watch Samantha’s heartbreaking ordeal after she was discarded in the parking lot.

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This girl was dumped 9 days ago at Sam's Club. Mary Murphy sat for 3 ½ days with her to gain her trust and now Crooner is safe, but needs a temp foster for about 7 days in the Memphis area. She is very scared, and skittish, and needs to be somewhere quiet with someone with a little experience with this type of dog. We will be arranging transport to bring her to Arrow Dog Rescue-Animal Rescue Revolution on Wheels. Can anyone help our sweet girl?

Posted by Kimberley Slown on Friday, December 11, 2015

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