[Video] A Girl Crouches Next To A Dog In The Shelter To Say Hello, Then The Sweetest Thing Happens

This video about a shelter dog named Suzie will capture your heart. With a simple gesture, this video from Save A Hound, shows the importance of adopting a pet from your local shelters.

Each year, nearly 8 million animals enter shelters across America and, sadly, almost 3 million of those get euthanized. It’s a devastating reality that haunts animal activists who try their best to encourage people to adopt rather than buy.

Thankfully, millions of these animals do get a happy ending each year, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

In an attempt to raise the number of animals leaving shelters, Save a Hound released a video that’s captured millions of hearts across the nation. (And if you’ve never considered adopting a pet, this is a video that might change your mind!)

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It features Suzie, a pooch whose puppy eyes will make you melt as she waits and waits to find a forever home. It’s heartbreaking to watch as people pass her kennel and not give her a second thought.

Finally, a young girl falls in love with Suzie (of course that’s not hard to do) and takes her home. It’s a happy ending that will make any animal lover smile, especially since Suzie was actually adopted in real life.

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