Smart Doggo Climbs Into Pool And Enjoys A Swim Like A Happy Child

This smart German Shepherd / Husky mix has learned how to climb into the pool ALL by himself!

Elliot loves to take a dip in the pool, especially when he thinks no one is watching!

This independent doggo don't need no hooman! He's living his best life! 😂🏊‍♂️

And YES! He knows how to get out too!

From Elliot's owner:

“This is Elliot the German Shepard/husky mix! I and my fiancé realized he loved swimming when he was young so we got a pool to share with him! We had just started realizing that when we would let him in the backyard he would climb into the pool and be all wet when we would let him back in! I finally caught him on camera hence my laughing in the video! Elliot is one unique and amazing dog and we are so happy to have him!”

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