After Weeks Of Separation, Elderly Woman Tearfully Reunites With Her Missing Dog

When Stacey P learned about her mother’s missing dog, she knew it was going to be a nightmare for the poor woman.

Her elderly mother loved the dog dearly, and she tried every avenue to find her tiny pooch.

Stacey saw her mother slowly sinking into desperation and depression, and she knew she had to find the dog somehow.

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

For the next few weeks, Stacey spent all her time trying to track the dog down. She actively contacted people on social media, and made special requests on Craigslist and Facebook to find the missing dog.

Her hard work paid off and the dog was finally found!

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

Stacey didn’t tell her mom right away that her dog wasn’t missing anymore. She wanted to surprise her mom, so she called her to a room and asked her to wait.

The jittery woman followed her daughter’s instructions, but her mind was preoccupied with thoughts about her dog.

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

In this emotional video, we see Stacey’s mom’s heartwarming reaction when she’s surprised with her dog! The woman completely breaks down in tears as she sees her dog again and wraps the little pooch in her arms.

The dog is so relieved to be back with her mom that she wearily rests her head on the woman’s shoulders. Do keep some tissues handy for this video as it’s a real tearjerker!

Click the video below to watch this wonderful reunion between the elderly woman and the dog!

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