Couple Thanks Their Lucky Stars For Taking Them Down Road That Led Them To Trixie

Their beloved dog had recently passed away – then they stumbled upon a skinny dog who was wandering a street they were driving down.

Today, Trixie is an affectionate, playful two-year-old dog, but a few weeks ago, she wasn’t this happy.

Trixie had been roaming the streets of Moorehead, Minnesota, emaciated and alone. Luckily, she just so happened to be in the right place at the right time when a kind-hearted couple spotted her while driving by.

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When they peered out their window, they saw as they described a “poor skinny little dog running down the road.”

Without hesitation, the couple, Tim and Elaine Gaslin, pulled over and tried to pick her up. Sure enough, they happened to have dog treats and leashes in their car, which totally came in handy.

Eventually, they managed to get the leash on her, but getting her in the car was difficult. Trixie was starving, weak and exhausted, and was unable to get herself into the car.

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Once they did, she was brought to the vet for an examination. At this point, the Gaslins already decided that they would adopt Trixie.

According to the vet’s examination, he doesn’t believe that Trixie was always a stray. He thinks she used to belong to someone, but was extremely neglected. The hairs on her hips had rubbed off and she had sores all over her paws and lower legs, which led the vet to believe that she had been crated for a long time.

Aside from those issues, plus being covered in ticks and malnourished, Trixie was completely healthy!

Valley News Live

The Gaslins are so grateful that they happened to be driving down that road the same time Trixie was there. Their dog had just passed away not too long before, so finding Trixie was fate!

Trixie has since been put on a special refeeding diet and has gained weight. She is also getting along with the Gaslins other pets and has settled nicely into her new home.

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