2 Women With 2 UHauls Dump Over 30 Dogs And Cats At Shelter In Crisis Mode

One shelter is in crisis mode after two women dropped off two UHaul vehicles containing 15 dogs and 13 cats in their parking lot.

Fortunately, authorities were able to identify one woman and later arrested her with dozens of counts of animal cruelty. Sadly, not everyone survived the upsetting ordeal.

Source: WMC5

Two dogs and two cats were found dead in the truck and another pup succumbed shortly thereafter.

The 45-year-old woman, Mary Winstead, gave the story that she and another person were moving to Memphis and had been evicted from their home.

Their new housing arrangements fell through, thus the need to surrender the animals.

Source: WMC5

Alexis Pugh, director of Memphis Animal Services told media, “When we opened the van we could tell that the conditions were horrible. They were inhumane. The heat poured out of the van as we opened. You could smell the feces and the urine and you could see the condition these animals were in.”

Sadly, the facility, Memphis Animal Services, is overloaded with animal intakes, putting many pets at risk of euthanasia.

The shelter is in crisis mode for the second time in a month after 40 German Shepherds were seized.

Source: WMC5

If you can help, please connect with the Memphis Animal Services website.

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