They Thought She’d Taken Her Final Breaths, Vet Prayed Over Her For Mercy

The rescue team from Animal Aid Unlimited received an urgent call about a puppy in critical condition. They raced to the scene.

It was a hot day with the sun blaring down. On the road, next to a cardboard box, lay a helpless puppy. She was barely conscious.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

In fact, she was in such bad shape, the rescuers feared she wouldn’t even make it to the sanctuary. It was certainly possible that this tiny creature was taking her final breaths.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

The rescuers didn’t give up hope though. They picked her up, placed her in their vehicle and raced to the vet. The vet wasn’t hopeful either. The next 24 hours would determine her future.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

They put in an IV catheter so they could administer IV fluids and nourishment. The puppy was so dehydrated and weak. Her blood pressure hardly gave a reading.

The team did all they could. The puppy’s fate was now up to her own destiny.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

The next morning, the volunteers went to check on the puppy. What they saw nearly knocked them off of their feet! WOW!  >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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