(VIDEO) These Adorable Pug Puppies Are So Cute They Will Make You Mad

There’s nothing worse than a Monday morning, except maybe a Tuesday morning… but don’t fret these adorable pug puppies are here to let you know you’re not alone and hopefully distract you from your misery.

Meet the little cuties – one boy (black), one girl (black) and three girls (fawn). These cute little babies are so cute they make us squee and rush to our own pets for the occasional naughty misstep.

Why are they so darn cute?! They just remind us of small, defenseless babies that trigger warm feelings, making us want to take care of these little pups that made us go “awww.”

Well, there's really no need for explanation here… just need to take a cute puppy break, relax, and enjoy the cuteness to instantly brighten up your day no matter how your day is going.

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