8-Dogs & Pups Confiscated After Being Locked Outside In Bitter Cold

It was 25 degrees recently as night fell in the city of Neptune City, New Jersey. Local resident John Vanderhoef could not bear the sound of dogs barking outside so he spoke up.

“I don’t know if these dogs were friendly or not, but the way they were kept, it’s wrong. It really is,” Vanderhoef said.

Source: News12

The good Samaritan phoned police about dogs and puppies being kept outside in the bitter cold temperatures. On arrival to Brighton Arms apartments, the Monmouth County SPCA found eight dogs and puppies outside with only a tarp.

“These animals were in distress and they were freezing cold, standing in urine. Feet were soaking wet,” Ross Licitra of the SPCA shared.

Source: News12

On further investigation of the animals, one of them has scarring that is usually seen in dogfighting, although that has not been proven as of this writing. Licitra is concerned about the bite marks and scars on the dog.

The animals are currently in the care of the Monmouth County SPCA and not available for adoption just yet. Their owner faces charges.

More about this developing story can be seen in the video here.

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