Dog Wardens Need Help Reuniting Frantic Families With Holiday’s Lost Pets

The fourth of July is a time when dogs get scared, upset, and often times go missing. Animals may flee or run away because they are frightened by the unexpected sounds bursting in the sky. The days after the holiday are very busy for shelters and dog wardens.

Deputy Dog Warden, Nathaniel Christian, of Franklin County, Ohio says he has seen dogs jump over fences, break chains, bolt when walking on a leash, and even jumping through screen doors.

Source: WBNS

Christian spends time looking for lost dogs and trying to reunite them with their frantic owners. He wants everyone to keep their dogs microchipped and to have a dog license so they are more easily able to identify them.

Fight or flight mode kicks in when animals get scared, so dogs are simply reacting to the loud sounds.

Source: WBNS

In Franklin County, they even have a lost dogs Facebook page to try and reunite people with their pets. If your dog is missing, be sure to call local shelters, canvass the neighborhood, alert your friends and family, and never give up hope.

Source: WBNS

The complete story can be viewed in the video below.

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