Hidden Camera Reveals What Your Dog Does When You’re Not Home – A Must See!

Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you're not home? Well, Mike did. So, he got a GoPro and put it on his dog to see what he does when he leaves. This is an edited version of what followed.

Some people might find this video a little sad, but I think it’s a great reminder for those of us with sensitive pets to make sure we give them the time and attention they need!

Mike knew his dog was pretty attached to him, but he didn’t know quite how attached until he put his GoPro camera on his collar so he could see what his dog did while he was away.

What he didn’t expect was to see the truly adorable way his dog waited for him to come home. His dog wasn’t exactly happy about his favorite person in the world going out for a few hours!

This video is a good reminder of how much our dogs really love us. It’s also a good reminder to love and care for our dogs as much as possible when we’re around them, so they’re less likely to get upset when we run out the door for something.

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