Dog Depressed After Owner’s Death Finds Purpose Again As Therapy Dog For Elderly

Winston the Great Pyrenees was just a little puppy when his beloved owner passed away. The poor dog’s world turned upside down.

He became confused and depressed when he found himself back with his breeder. However, an orchestra musician named Clifford Spohr came to the rescue and adopted Winston!

Source: FOX 4 News – Dallas-Fort Worth/YouTube

As Winston was growing up under Clifford’s care, he developed a very calming presence around people. Clifford’s first dog, Lulu was a therapy dog for the elderly. This time, Clifford was quick to realize that Winston would do well as a therapy dog too!

So he enrolled Winston to get his therapy dog certification. Within months, Winston became a certified therapy dog and started visiting the CC Young Nursing Home in Dallas, Texas.

He was like an angel of love to the elderly residents of the hospice home, who were mostly suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. In their loneliest days, the sick elderly considered Winston to be their only source of joy!

Source: FOX 4 News – Dallas-Fort Worth/YouTube

Winston reminds us of all the selfless therapy dogs who make lives easier for people going through a rough patch.

As Winston cuddles and comforts the senior residents of the nursing home, he realizes that helping the elderly is his one true purpose in life!

Let’s pass along his inspiring story of overcoming grief and finding hope again!

Click the video below to watch Winston spreading smiles in the nursing home for the elderly!

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