This Wolf Lay Dying In A Ditch. Until A Woman Stops Her Car And Does THIS. Wonderful!

Arabian wolves can be found in Israel, Yemen, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. They’re smaller than their American and European relatives and look almost like dogs. Still, they’re not popular with farmers because they are known to kill livestock. So when a wolf was hit by a car on a highway in Israel last year, the driver didn’t stop, leaving the wolf in a ditch with a broken leg.

The wolf was in a lot of pain and limped along the road. And he wouldn’t have survived long in this state, except for the kindness of a stranger. An animal lover stopped to help, and drove the wolf to a veterinary clinic.

They named him Oliel.

Veterinarians saw in his X-rays that the wolf’s leg was broken, so they performed surgery on him.

Oliel was anesthetized while veterinary surgeons repaired his leg.

But Oliel had a long way to go before his injury healed.

Meanwhile, he was living in captivity—not an ideal setting for a wild wolf.

After four long months, Oliel was finally strong enough to be released.

His cage was loaded onto a truck.

Poor Oliel had no idea what was happening.

Oliel didn’t understand it then, but he would soon be free again.

At last, they arrived.

They set Oliel’s cage down.

And opened the door…

Oliel was a little scared at first, as he didn’t realize what was happening.

But after a few seconds, he understood. He was free!

At last, he’s back where he belongs!

How wonderful to see Oliel rehabilitated and back in the wild. I’m so happy that there are animal lovers out there who help injured wildlife. Stay out of harm’s way, Oliel!

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  1. Ok totally inappropriate comment here. I would have saved the wolf too but why is that person a hero for saving the wolf? Why didn’t we just euthanize the animal? Because we love them right? Well why is it ok to kill thousands of cows, pigs and chickens everyday? I can’t get it straight in my mind. They say pigs are as smart as dogs. It makes me feel coocoo

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