Dog Nearly Dies After Brute Seals His Mouth With Tight Rubberbands, Surgery Needed


Cops at the Carbondale Police Department are looking into a case of “blatant animal abuse” involving a tiny black-and-white dog named Wyatt.

Wyatt’s owner had sealed his muzzle shut with rubber-bands for several weeks, leading to a complete collapse of the dog’s health.

Source: St. Francis Community Animal Rescue & Education, Murphysboro, IL/Facebook

Wyatt was surrendered by his owner at the Jackson County Humane Shelter when he was on the brink of death after weeks of severe dehydration and starvation.

Wyatt had a distinct decaying smell around him which emanated from his infected, pus-oozing snout. The dying pup was shifted to St. Francis Community Animal Rescue in Murphysboro in a state of emergency.

The vet team noticed that Wyatt’s circulation was completely cut off. They rushed him into surgery and worked for 2.5 hours to remove the bands.

The skinny pooch is now recovering on fluids and antibiotics. He is understandably skittish from enduring trauma, but not remotely “aggressive” like his owner claims him to be. He will need a snout reconstruction surgery later.

Source: St. Francis Community Animal Rescue & Education, Murphysboro, IL/Facebook

The shelter is hoping that the cops get to the bottom of this abuse and make sure the owner faces the consequences of their actions.

The cops are still investigating the situation around Wyatt’s suspicious surrendering by his owner. If you have any information, do relay it to the cops.

Let’s spread the word and make sure the evil owner doesn’t escape justice!

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