Starving Dog’s Belly Found Full Of Road Kill, Rocks, & Debris

A female dog from Youngstown, Ohio is lucky to be alive. The sweet dog was found roaming the streets in emaciated condition with her ribs visibly showing.

According to the Mahoning County Dog Warden, an urgent veterinary care visit concluded the dog likely did not consume anything for at least a month. Her stomach was full of rocks, debris, and the food she ate once she was rescued from the streets.

Source: Mahoning County Dog Warden/Facebook

The sweet dog’s body had to be monitored after her first meal so that it would properly digest in her system. When local station WKBN covered the story, they reported dogs in emaciated condition should not be fed until contacting a veterinarian.

On the dog warden’s Facebook page, a recent update shared more about the animal’s story. They shared, “She likely ate road kill and whatever dead animals she could find to survive. She has been moved into her own room with two beds, toys, water and was able to have the first small meal of her recovery regimen.”

Source: Mahoning County Dog Warden/Facebook

This loving dog has been given the named Faith and they promise she will have an amazing life going forward. Thanks to all who helped with the rescue and care of this precious pooch!

Source: Mahoning County Dog Warden/Facebook

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