“Spoiled” Husky Refuses To Leave Cozy Bed & Throws “Lazy, Whiny Tantrum” At Mom

Living with Zeus the “Stubborn” Husky can be a “testing” ordeal for Mom Lindsay Fleishman and her German Shepherd, Kaden.

Zeus’ family often has to be prepared for his numerous mood swings and temper tantrums throughout the day.

Lindsay and Kaden try very hard to make sure that their favorite Husky is happy at all times!

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

In this video, we see 7-year-old Zeus feeling “snarky” after waking up in the morning. Lindsay is supposed to take him and Kaden for a walk, so she politely asks him to get out of bed. But Zeus is simply not in the mood for a walk today.

Seeing that Zeus hasn’t even moved an inch, Lindsay demands him to get out of bed quickly. This time, Zeus feels offended by Lindsay’s insensitivity toward his “comfort”.

As he feels too drained for a full-blown temper tantrum, he resorts to lazily whining from his bed!

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

But Lindsay knows just the right way to get Zeus moving for the day. She calls her reliable “back up”, Kaden, and asks him to make his brother leave the bed.

Kaden has been waiting for his morning walk for quite some time, so he eagerly climbs on the bed and coaxes Zeus to follow him.

Source: Rumble Viral/Youtube

Zeus does manage to stand up, but his morning tantrum is far from over. Watch this video till the end to see if Kaden was able to get his fussy brother to go for a walk.

Zeus is one bossy dog for sure, and it’s a near-impossible task to make him change his mind!

Click the video below to watch Zeus’ lazy morning tantrum as he refuses to get out of the bed!

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