10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want To Mess With

Anatolian Shepherd

Brave, loyal and alert, the Anatolian Shepherd deserves a spot on any list discussing protective dogs.

Originating in Turkey, this breed was developed to work with herds of animals – but it's no herder.

The Anatolian is what is considered a flock guardian. Its job isn't to keep the animals together or moving in a direction, but to hunt or ward off any predators that may be looking for a quick meal.

Thanks to exceptional eyesight an hearing, it excels at this task.

As a home pet, this dog can be a bit of a challenge. Even after generations of breeding, the guardian instinct remains very strong in these dogs.

They will stand watch over your house and property. Should a non-family member attempt to enter your house or property when you're not home, the Anatolian's possessive nature kicks into full gear.

It will not allow access to anyone it doesn't know or consider part of the pack. Should anyone try to harm you or a family member, the Anatolian has you covered.

According to Turkish farmers, this dog is known for taking on and defeating wolves. We imagine any burglar or home invader wouldn't fare any better against this large dog.

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