10 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

6. Chinese Crested Hairless

There are actually two varieties of Chinese Crested Dogs: the Hairless and the Powder Puff. Clearly, allergy sufferers will want to consider the former, which is indeed hairless except for its head, feet and tail.

7. Giant Schnauzer

Along with the Labradoodle, this is a great dog for owners who are looking for a larger pet. Like the Bichon Frise, its double coat prevents the release of too much dander into the air. A working dog, it’s also perhaps the most active breed on this list, and should make for a spirited (and hopefully allergy-free) companion.

8. Irish Water Spaniel

Another large dog with a curled hypoallergenic coat, this spaniel is a sporting dog. Creative and spirited, it has a signature “rat tail” and a distinctly colored coat. Regular exercise is important, as these are energetic dogs.

9. Shih Tzu

Known for its long, elegant double coat, the shih tzu is a lovely toy dog that doesn’t shed very much. Prized household pets in China for centuries (“shih tzu” means lion), it still carries a little swagger to this day.

10. Maltese

This playful toy dog has been the choice pet for royalty and carries an ancient lineage. Don’t let its beautiful, silky hair deceive you; Maltese shed very little, making. One note though: they do require extensive grooming.

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