10 Most Aggressive Dogs You Should Avoid

The Presa Canario (Canary Mastiff)

This dog breed is massive, and it is said that it was bred originally for an Aryan brotherhood dog-fighting ring but, of course, were also bred to protect livestock.

These animals are also known as a ‘Canary Dog of Prey'. They must be with a very experienced owner because these are not safe animals to own, and can be a danger to people and, of course, other animals.

They are natural guard dogs and highly suspicious of a stranger, and will act aggressively towards any people or animals that they don't know.

They are powerful, and have a thick, muscular and rectangular body, much like that of a pit bull, and sometimes are mistaken for the breed.

The difference is their broad, stocky head shape, usually featuring cropped ears adding to its aggressive appearance.

They usually weigh around 85 to 110 pounds and stand around 2 feet tall.

Due to their aggressive tendencies, they have been banned from several countries including
Italy, Australia, Belarus, Romania, Bermuda, and several states in the USA (they are allowed in the USA, but are not recognized by the American Kennel Club).

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