10 Most Aggressive Dogs You Should Avoid

Dogo Argentino

Make no mistake that this dog is probably one of the most aggressive dogs in the world, and is known to have the most powerful bites in the dog world with a recorded 500 pounds per square inch!

Although this dog is a little smaller than Mastiffs, it makes up for this in sheer power.

The dog was bred as a big game hunters' companion that is able to bring down a wild boar or a puma.

The dog originated from Cordoba fighting dog which was crossed with the Great Dane among other breeds.

They can weigh up to 130 pounds with all of it being lean muscle.

There are many breeders who will say that the aggressiveness was bred out of Dogo Argentino, and that it can be good family dogs.

However, there is a potential for this dog to attack with lethal consequences… including a recent story of a woman being fatally attacked by the family Dogo.

As a result, the animal is banned in many countries, including Cayman Islands, Singapore, Denmark, Iceland, Fiji, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA (some states).

It's also been found that this breed of dog is preferred by dog fighters, and that puts it in the category of ‘dog to be feared'.

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