10 Things You Should Never, Ever Do To Your Dog

6. Let Your Dog Lead You

When you take your dog for a walk, don’t let yourself become the one being walked. This can lead to them accidentally running into traffic or a number of other dangerous or unruly behaviors.

If you notice this happening, get a short leash and discourage your pup’s bossy behavior.

7. Neglect To Spay Or Neuter

This one is so important. An unspeakable amount of dogs get euthanized in shelters every day as a result of unexpected pregnancies. Don’t let your dog contribute to this sad trend.

8. Share Dangerous Food

Sharing food with your canine companion can be OK on some occasions, but make sure that what you’re feeding him or her isn’t dangerous or deadly, like chocolate or meat on the bone. Do your research before sharing your leftovers!

9. Hit Your Dog

A newspaper to the nose will only diminish the bond between you and your dog. Hitting a dog in any way as a form of punishment will lower his or her confidence and make the poor pup more likely to lash out later.

10. Use A Crate As Punishment

10. Use A Crate As Punishment


You want your dog to associate the crate with being safe and sound, not with being in trouble. If you want your dog to be obedient about getting into the crate when it’s bedtime or when you have to step out, never, ever use it as punishment.

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