15 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Pugs

Pugs have come out in television and film, such as Frank the Pug in the film Men in Black and the follow-up series. Other films that have pugs include 12 Rounds, Marie Antoinette (2006 film), and Disney's film about Pocahontas. They have also appeared on television, in shows like the The West Wing.

Their curly tails, compact bodies, and short-muzzled wrinkly faces are attracting increasing number of raving fans around the globe and continues to rise in popularity. But how much do you really know about pugs? Chances are: not a lot, giving you ample reason to peruse over these lesser-known facts about the adorable creatures known as Pugs!

Check out these awesome fun facts about pugs composed by Nicole-Simone at Three Million Dogs, and see how many you already knew!

1. A group of pugs are not only adorable but are collectively referred to as a “grumble”

A pair of pugs cuddling

2. Pugs are not very good swimmers because of their short and stout body

Swimming pug

3. Marie-Antoinette had a pug named “Mops” as a teenager

Marie-Antoinette pug Mops


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