15 Signs That Indicate You’re A Crazy Labrador Retriever Person… And Are Damn Proud of It!

It’s no secret that dogs are man’s — and woman’s — best friend. However, Labrador Retrievers remain the most popular of all dog breeds for good reasons.

The Labs are just as big as they are sweet, making them a welcome addition to any family. Some dogs are sassy, high-strung and set in their ways, but Labrador Retrievers are more laid-back and eager to please.

It only takes a short while with one of these super affectionate and fiercely loyal dogs to realize why people can't get enough of them. Even if you don't consider yourself a dog person, you'll likely be hooked after just one tender look into their adoring eyes.

Well, are you a Lab lover? Ever wonder whether your obsession with your Labrador Retriever is healthy or whether you may in fact be veering into crazy territory?

There are fifteen signs that'll indicate the likelihood of you being a crazy Labrador Retriever person… and are damn proud of it!

To see whether you are indeed a person with an obsessive Labrador Retriever disorder (there's no shame here!), move on to the next page!

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