160-Lb Pup Proved He’s A Mush When He Sees Army Brother For First Time In Months

“Are you ready for your surprise?” Jaxson’s owner said to him, while he laid on the floor inside. But the 18-month-old Bullmastiff had no idea that this ‘surprise’ would be one of the greatest moments of his life thus far.

It’s been three long months since Jaxson has seen his human brother, Jason, who has been away for Army basic training. Jaxson missed Jason so much that their mom would put Jason’s t-shirt over a pillow so that Jaxson could sleep with his scent.

T&T Creative Media via Inside Edition/Youtube

But the time has finally come where Jaxson no longer has to sniff a pillow to feel close to Jason. Their mom opens the back door and leads Jaxson outside, where Jason was waiting on the back deck to surprise him.

T&T Creative Media via Inside Edition/Youtube

As soon as Jaxson saw him, his tail starting wagging a mile a minute and he couldn’t contain his excitement. He slobbered him up with a million kisses and jumped right on top of him, forgetting that he weighs 160 pounds.

Jaxson is a massive puppy and he clearly has a giant heart to go along with his size! Watch Jaxson and Jason’s heartwarming reunion in the. . .  Click To Continue Reading This Story And Watch The Video!

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