160 Pound Bullmastiff Love-Tackles Soldier In Homecoming Video

Imagine nearly 160-pounds of Bullmastiff love running at you at full speed, then tackling you and knocking you down. That’s exactly what happened to returning soldier, Jason Floyd, from Greenville, Rhode Island.

Jason’s mom, Lisa, knew that Jason was coming home, so she wanted to do something to surprise her son.

Source: YouTube

Enter Jax the Bullmastiff. In the video of the tail-wagging reunion, you can hear Lisa say, “Jax, are you ready for your surprise? Ready for your surprise?” Lisa asks. “Well, let’s go see it!”

The moment the adorable big dog sees Jason, he zooms in on him like a stealth missile. At one point, the doggo even splays atop the soldier because he can’t control his emotions.

Source: YouTube

Of course, the delighted dog-dad is enjoying the love fest, as you can see by the big smile on his face. Thank goodness Jason is in good shape, or we would imagine he’d be as flat as a pancake right now.

Watch the fun reunion video by pressing play below.

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