18 Hilariously Naughty Dogs Who Have No Shame

After carefully considering the perfect spot to plant half a dozen Asiatic lilies last spring, digging a flower bed and planting them, I turned my attention to another section of the garden.

Minutes later, a black and tan blur shot through my peripheral vision. I turned and saw our German shepherd standing several feet away, her paws filthy and mouth filled with beheaded lilies. She dipped into a play bow, her eyes rolling maniacally. Puppies … what can you do?

Check out these hilarious images of other naughty dogs. Think they know their only saving grace sometimes is that they’re still adorable?

1. My magical fibers of joy and love


2. Trust Me, Dad, It's A Win-Win Solution


3. I Just Want To Keep Him Trim And Healthy


4. Mom Needs To Remember Her Priorities


5. Just Build Me A Ramp


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