21 Reasons Why Boxers Make The Most Outrageously Hilarious Pets

Boxers are super playful creatures with huge hearts and just ooze character.

Each and every one have their own quirky traits and we’ve compiled a list of 21 photos that exhibit the kind of hilarious behavior we’re talking about.

Boxer parents will definitely relate to these! Check out the pics below!

1. They are clumsy like puppies and NEVER grow up. Never.

boxer 1source

2. And will do anything to stay by your side – “Can I come with you?”

boxer 2source

3. Boxers love to sit on each other… God knows why?!

boxer 3source

4. They also love a good couch sit but they’re not always allowed….

boxer 4

5. They also like to sit on kids too. “Not movin.”

boxer 5source

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