22 Dogs Who HATE the Vet and Can’t Believe Their Owners Betrayed Them

We all know dogs HATE going to the vet. And the faces they make when they realize they were tricked and betrayed by the owners is heartbreaking. But it’s for the best, doggies, we swear!

Here are some of the most priceless pictures of dogs to follow who are expressing their total disgust and disappointment in being betrayed by their humans for tricking them into going to the vet!

…or maybe they are just trying to figure out why they trusted the humans in the first place.

They may not be mad at their owners, but mad at themselves for being so naive and trusting, and for believing whatever story the humans told them to get them into the car.

Whatever the case may be, these pictures of the dogs expressing their total disappointment and their hatred towards any kind of veterinarian visit are priceless!

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