26 Humongous Great Danes Who Have No Idea How Big They Are

To call a 175-pound dog a ‘lapdog’ may seem counterintuitive, that is until you meet a Great Dane. They are known as the real gentle giants of the canine world.

Standing at least 30 inches from paw to shoulder, these cute dogs are often referred to as “the world’s largest lapdogs,” as they often don’t realize their own enormity.

Yes, this breed is so large that a since-deceased Great Dane by the name of Zeus holds the world record for the tallest dog, standing at 44 inches from paw to shoulder.

Despite their size, they often act as they were much smaller than they actually are, giving people the impression they just have no idea how big they are.

You can see them playing fetch with a full-sized basketball, or curling up on the couch as they were the smallest of Chihuahuas.

Here's a collection of adorable and hilarious pictures of these huggable, silly dogs that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Scroll down and let us know which ones are your favorite!

#1 – 💋 K I S S E S 💋


#2 – They start off so small: A Great Dane Pup at 14 weeks

#3 – Louis Made A New Friend


#4 – I don’t think he knows just how big he really is…


#5 – The Black Panther


#6 – He won’t stop growing – send help


#7 – My Graceful Great Dane Hendrix


#8 – I Have The Real Scooby Doo


#9 – My baby boy!


#10 – Do all Great Dane’s sit like this?


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