3 Dogs Look Just Like Your Average Pups, Then Their Human Gives The Command

A Border Collie, a Chihuahua, and a Terrier walk into a living room… It sounds like the start of a funny joke, but it’s actually the cast of characters in one of the coolest dog trick videos on the internet.

What makes this terrific trio so unique is that not only are they talented, but they also appear to genuinely love each other, too!

Source: YouTube

The Border Collie allows the little Chihuahua to curl up beneath him and peek its head out from between his legs.

If that doesn’t melt your heart, watch for the part in the video where the Terrier and the Border Collie embrace in the most adorable hugs more than once.

It’s not easy to train three dogs, but to train them to do synchronized moves is completely amazing. When the trio crosses their paws over one another to follow their owner, we are completely blown away.

Source: YouTube

We love that this dog mom is keeping her dogs physically and mentally active, which is something we recommend all dog owners do. Watch these talented pups in the video below.

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