5 Reasons You Should Bring A Dog On The First Date

So you have been DM-ing with your crush constantly for a few weeks now. Lucky for you, they agreed to finally meet up. Here’s a thought that will definitely spice things up: bring your dog on the first date.

There are many advantages to tagging your puppy along to meet a potential partner. We have listed down the reasons below and even included some dog-friendly date ideas to make sure our little experiment yield the desired results:

Dinner at a nice restaurant (aka if he does not like dogs, he probably hates commitment)

Many restaurants allow their customers to bring in pets. If you really want to see if they have what it takes to be ‘the one’, don’t tell them that you are bringing your pup with you. Watch out for their reaction—this is crucial. Are they surprised? Excited? or perhaps a little embarrassed? You basically introduced them to your best friend/family member/baby so first impressions and reactions should matter. If they don’t like dogs, they probably won’t like any long-term commitments…or worse, they could be cat owners (kidding).

A day at the beach (aka if he has allergies, he ain’t probably the one)

Who doesn’t like beach day? Humans love it. Dogs love it. What’s not to love? You got the sun, fresh air, the sea, and best of all you get to spend it with your best bud and romantic interest. Only thing is, when you put an animal outdoors, hijinks usually ensue. How does he handle your divided attention? Can he handle the stress? Does he have allergies? Will he be willing to chase your beach-crazy pet around?  These are just a few things that you should consider.

Shop for groceries (aka is he ready to be a dog parent?)

Does your date know how much you spend on dog food, vitamins, and other essential items for your pups every month? Take him grocery shopping so you could see their reaction. Would they be understanding or would they be terrified? Would they offer better alternatives or do they judge your decisions? Taking care of dogs costs money. Money is an issue for many couples. Better know what their priorities are sooner rather than later.

Doggy disco (aka it’s not silly if you’re having fun)

Did you know that there are discotheques in SFO that organize doggy dances? Yes, a dance-a-palooza for your doggies! If you don’t have one in your city, then make one! Invite your friends, neighbors, and dog owners in your area. Invite your date to help out. If his eyes do not light up upon the sight of cute doggies dancing to Snoop Dogg or Lil Bow Wow, then you need to get yourself another crush, girl.

Go on a holiday (aka make or break)

This last one is a long shot, but it just might be the make or break for you and your darling date. Traveling is fun and stressful at the same time. Add a dog to the whole equation and your life is a comedy film and no one is laughing. You will get lost, make lots of mess, and you will probably encounter problems at airports, trains, ferries, and many other establishments you bring your dog into. So make an itinerary and call ahead of time. If you get home and you still like the other person, then congratulations! You may just have met your match. Good luck!

We hope this little list of dog-friendly date ideas for dog lovers helps. Comment below if you have other suggestions!

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