8-week-old puppy found abandoned in porta potty — rescue gives him a second chance

8-week-old puppy found abandoned in porta potty — rescue gives him a second chance

It’s truly heartbreaking that anyone would abandon a puppy, tossing them away like trash. But thankfully, there are also kind people willing to step up and give these sweet neglected dogs a second chance.

That was the case recently for one tiny puppy, who was found abandoned in a toilet, but is now doing well thanks to his rescuers.

According to a Facebook post from Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control, a City of Fort Wayne employee found an 8-week-old puppy abandoned in a porta potty, “thrown away like trash and left to suffer alone.”

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Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control/Facebook

The puppy was scared and in poor shape: he was so malnourished that you could see his rib cage and spine, he also reportedly had “urine-stained paws and overgrown nails.”

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control took the dog in, and put him on a slow feeding plan to help him regain weight. With love and care, the abandoned pup’s loving personality began to shine through.

“This precious boy has been a little wiggly angel despite being failed by the person that was supposed to care for him,” they wrote.

Photos show the pup smiling and crawling into a lap, a far cry from the sad state he was found in just a week earlier.

“Once his excitement for you calms down, he loves curling up in your warm lap. What a testament to how forgiving animals can be.”

The dog went off to a foster home, where he will continue his weight gain and recovery. He will be surrounded both by his loving foster parents and “foster dog siblings to learn from.”

FWACC said they are not sure at this time when the puppy will be available for adoption, but they will keep people updated.

They thanked supporters who donate to their Angel Fund, which helps give a much-needed second chance to abandoned dogs like this one.

It’s unthinkable that anyone would abandon this precious puppy, but we’re glad this dog is now in better hands and in a great foster home!

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