Rescue Puppy Volunteers As A Support Dog For Highly Stressed 911 Dispatchers

The 911 dispatch team at Tazewell County, Virginia, is jubilant after welcoming a new furry member onboard.

The Dispatcher Center has adopted an 8-week-old puppy who was previously surrendered by his owner. The rescue puppy will act as a comfort and support dog for the over-stressed workers.

Source: Tazewell County Virginia Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

The dispatchers have already registered a significant change in the atmosphere ever since they adopted the puppy. The fluffy boy spends his day cuddling and playing with the staff.

His soothing presence diffuses the heavy air and helps the busy dispatchers cope with their stressful jobs.

The authorities are calling the puppy their “Official 911 Dispatcher Center Service Dog”. The dispatchers have volunteered to pay for his food and health upkeep.

Apart from his usual snuggling with the staff, the puppy will also attend local events and make visits to the schools and senior homes, just like an ambassador! How cool!

Source: WJHL/YouTube

The Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office has reached out to the public for help with choosing a fitting name for the puppy.

People can vote for their favorite name among 4 proposed names – Mischief, Rookie, Taser or Creed. You can vote on their Facebook post here.

Let’s spread the word and help them pick a name for this adorable puppy!

Click the video below to watch a report on the puppy’s work as an ambassador dog!

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