A Corgi Dog Race Was Held And Raised An Amount Of $3,000 For Saskatoon SPCA

The venue was filled with over 35 corgi dogs racing for a treat at Martensville Curling Club last Saturday.

“We just love Corgis, we think they’re a really unique breed, and they’re actually becoming more and more trendy these days, so we just wanted people to come out and enjoy a laugh,” said Kate Kading and Sask Corgi Racers Group Media Liaison, in which this breed is getting a lot of attention on the event during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Kading said that this event was held to raise money and the amount earned will be donated for the Saskatoon SPCA.

However, she didn’t expect that there will be over 600 people attending the said event, she added. “I was expecting around 50-100 people. It was actually overwhelming how many people showed up today to support this,” Kading said.

Totally, they raised around $3,000 after the event. There were different types of corgis that compete with each other just like Pembroke welsh corgis, cowboy corgis, cardigan corgis and a lab-corgi mix to name some.

The winner of the event, Stevie, was asked how it felt to clinch the title. Stevie just said,“*Lick*”. Stevie’s owners did expect that they will win the competition, thus were very proud of the result and the performance of Stevie.

“Stevie dominated the competition at her first Sask dog race, and it was very exhilarating and clearly the strict training regimen we put her through paid off this year, it was a tough camp, but clearly she made it worth it,” Kade said, the owner of Stevie.

Hamilton, another competitor was crowned 2nd place and left his mark..“*Lick*,” Hamilton responded.

“I’ve been wanting Corgi get-togethers in Saskatoon or the area for quite a long time, I’ve had these guys for 4-5 years, and you always see the meet ups in other places, so the videos are great, and the people are always really good,” Megan said, the owner of Hamilton.

They can possibly invite one of Queen Elizabeth’s corgis to be Grand Marshall in another
corgi race that will happen next year.

Source: Global News

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