A Teeny Tiny Puppy Joins LAPD As The Newest Member After Being Rescued By Officers

Officers Mercado and Tavera of the Los Angeles Police Department (Hollywood Division) found the little pup wandering alone on the streets while on patrol.

The puppy really took to the officers, refusing to leave their side.

So they scooped him up so he wouldn't get hit by any traffic and took him back to the Hollywood Division.


He was renamed “Hobart”, after the street where the officers found him on.

And it seems like the officers can’t part with Hobart either.


The LAPD Hollywood Division tweeted a picture of Hobart with the officers with the caption “Newest member of our K-9 unit…Welcome to LAPD Hobart!”

It looks like Hobart is officially part of the LAPD! And is thankfully safe thanks to these two kind-hearted officers.

No word on when training begins for the newest furry member of the LAPD.

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