Dogs Sense Danger In The Dead Of Night & Bark Non-Stop To Wake Up Their Owners

Michigan couple Susan and Lonnie Chester were fast asleep when their 2 Labradoodles, Adam and Eva, began barking in the middle of a cold winter night.

The couple ignored the barks for a while, but then the dogs began tugging at Lonnie’s shirt. The dogs pointed toward the door and begged to be let outside.

Source: MLive/YouTube

The couple realized that something was wrong. Lonnie forced himself out of bed and opened the door, and the dogs immediately bolted for the driveway.

Lonnie was confused at first, but then he saw a body lying beside his truck. As he investigated further, he found that an elderly woman wearing only a nightgown was lying unconscious in the snow!

Lonnie brought the woman indoors and called 911, while Susan covered the freezing woman with warm blankets.

The frail lady in her late 80s was heavily disoriented. When the cops arrived, it was found that her family had been looking for her.

Source: MLive/YouTube

The elderly woman’s identity isn’t revealed for the sake of privacy, but it is believed that she suffers from dementia.

Thanks to Adam and Eva’s timely intervention, she is safe and has been reunited with her family.

Source: MLive/YouTube

The Chesters always knew that their dogs were bright and observant, but this incident made their hearts swell with pride.

Adam and Eva’s life-saving mission has made them the heroes of their neighborhood!

Click the video below to watch the story of these vigilant Labradoodles saving the elderly woman!

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