Man Shares Footage Of His Dog Drowning In A Hot Tub As A Warning To Dog Owners

A man named Bernard Williams was engaging his dogs in some playtime in his backyard in Bakersfield, California. His 2 French Bulldogs, Lola and Adela, were following him around like and having a jolly good time.

However, a terrible accident happened when 6-month-old Adela tripped around the hot tub and slipped into the water.

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

It’s a known fact that French Bulldogs cannot swim due to their stubby, compact build, short legs and short snout.

Despite the small area of the hot tub, poor Adela had absolutely no chance to get back to the surface due to her dense muscular body, which immediately sank underwater.

Thankfully, Bernard noticed her plight just as she was struggling to stay afloat.

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

Bernard instinctively raced to the hot tub the second he realized Adela was drowning. He jumped into the water and hauled up her body that was on the verge of going limp.

Adela was left breathing heavily even when she was out of the water. So Bernard tapped and rubbed her around the lungs to make sure she was safe and breathing normally again.

Source: Caters Clips/YouTube

With the timely rescue, Adela came to her senses within seconds and was able to resume her play-time with her doggie sister and human dad. Even so, this was an awfully close call for her, more so because of her breed.

Bernard later retrieved this home security footage and shared it to remind owners about being extra vigilant and keeping Frenchies off pools and water bodies. Spread the word.

Click the video below to watch how a struggling Adela was saved from a nightmarish fate in the nick of time.

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