Adorable Puppies Snuggle with Toddler for Nap Time

Adorable Puppies Snuggle with Toddler for Nap Time

Man, I am such a proud momma. When I was pregnant, I loved feeling my little bundles of joy moving and squirming inside me.

I didn’t really like how big my belly got, but I couldn’t be happier once my babies were out.

Like most dogs, I had six puppies when I gave birth to the litter. My humans found good homes for four of them, but the last two are staying with me. I’m thrilled because I know I’m gonna be a good mom.

What makes the occasion even more remarkable is that my humans also had a baby of their own around the same time. For whatever reason, humans only have one child at a time.

I’ve heard of people having two or three babies at once, but I know it’s pretty rare. They definitely don’t have to worry about finding good homes for their babies.

It makes me so happy that we’re both new moms. My humans have always cared for me, and I know that they’ll do the same for my pups. My favorite thing to do is watch all three of them sleep.

Right now, they all love doing that as much as they can throughout the day. I’ve heard that puppies need about 22 hours of sleep in the first few weeks, then around 15 hours for the next few months.

I don’t mind that they sleep all the time. Part of me wishes that they would stay this size forever. But, I know that they’re going to grow up to be big and strong canines that will make their mother proud.

Oh, the little human is stirring! My boys always wake up when he does, but they fall back asleep pretty fast. Sometimes, the human baby needs milk or cries for his momma.

When that happens, I jump in to snuggle with my little guys.

At night, we sleep together, but during the day, momma has other stuff to do like walk, inspect the house, and keep everyone safe from outside intruders.

I was protective before, but I’m super protective now. Whenever that guy in the blue outfit comes around each day, I make sure to let him know who’s boss!

Anyway, back to my pups. It will be fun to see how quickly they grow compared to the tiny human. I’ve heard that it can take humans 18 years to grow to adulthood!

I can’t imagine what I’d do if it took that long for my babies. Ain’t no one got time for that!

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