Adorable Video Shows Bald Eagles, Wild Fox And Cats Hang Out On The Porch In Alaska

When it comes to very unusual friendships, the animal kingdom constantly surprises us. There seems to be nothing superfluous in the wilderness.

So it’s incredibly surprising that this woman from Alaska resisted the most amazing sight, despite the touching video below. On her back porch were a bald eagle, a fox, and her two cats.

If you live in Unalaska, Alaska, eagles and foxes are common, but seeing them resting next to a cats in front of a house seems a bit exaggerated. Nevertheless, Pam Aus witnessed such a sight more than once.

Pam’s cats (Gizmo and Suitcase) are very friendly, but she never thought they would make friends with a wild fox, let alone a bald eagle.

It all started when Pam, who was at home on a snowy day, heard noises from the back porch and went to investigate.

To her surprise, there were two cats, but not alone. It turns out that very rare visitors come to them.

“I was working on my computer in my room when I heard an eagle’s squawking,” Pam told The Huffington Post. “I looked out the window and saw this. Foxes are as friendly as eagles. But seeing all three was exciting. Everyone just sat here.”

Since then, strange friends have continued to visit Pam’s cats, and the woman is constantly uploading videos of their touching relationship on YouTube. In one of her videos, you can see at least two eagles, not just one, visiting her cat.

But considering that this place is famous for flocks of eagles, this is quite natural. There are about 5,000 people living in Unalaska, but there are nearly 600 bald eagles in the small harbor.

Pam said: “The eagle couple claimed a lamppost across the street in front of my house. They would come and sit on my porch. Or they’ll just sit there and watch my cats.”

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