Age 2 Boy Unconscious in Water. Dog Runs to Get Dad and Saves His Life

Parents are faced with the challenging task of handling their toddlers’ demands and big emotions. Though the demands and bold “no!” statements that come out of a toddler’s mouth are not usually enjoyable moments, it is a normal stage of development.

For parents David Kenney and Lisa Brockbank, their son’s demand for kisses and the answer of “no” to questions was actually the best response they could have gotten considering the events that had happened prior. Sept. 5, 2015 is a date that they will never forget.

Jason and Joshua Cluff, friends of the family, had a Nana Glen property in Australia which Kenney, Brockbank, and their 2-year-old son, Alexander, were visiting. Their 9-year-old Staffordshire Terrier, Leala, also came with the family to visit the Cluffs.

Leala ran up to Kenney soaking wet during the visit. The combination of her distressed disposition and decision to jump into cold water, despite her usual reluctance, was cause for concern.

He took Leala’s warning and came across the worst sight for a parent. His son was face-down and floating in the water of the dam.

Leala had clearly tried to jump in to rescue Alexander but was not successful, so she ran to get help. Joshua Cluff’s CPR knowledge was fresh after just recently completing the training before this accident.

For 27 minutes, the unconscious toddler received CPR. Brockbank was not on the property at the time of the incident, but the very ambulance headed to help her son blew past her.

She had no idea they were heading to the same location. Brockbank told the Coffs Coast Advocate, “I didn’t think it was my kid, I didn’t think it had anything to do with us and then I came to (see) a helicopter in the sky and the whole place just alive with police and ambulances and my son just lying there completely comatose.”

Big post ahead! As some of you know Alex fell into a dam on Saturday night and had to be airlifted to Lady Cilento…

Posted by Lisa Brockbank on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The helicopter took Alexander to the hospital. His prognosis looked grim, with doctors telling the parents that brain damage was likely — if he even survived.

Kenney and Brockbank were preparing for the worst, but the best possible outcome happened. Their toddler was cautiously brought out of his induced coma after 48 hours, and he made a surprisingly quick recovery.

Posted by Lisa Brockbank on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Brockbank shared the story on Facebook and concluded, “Last but not least we need to thank our precious dog Leala, she went in the dam and then found David to alert him. Without her we wouldn’t have our little boy with us today, scotch fillets forever sweetheart.”

After Alexander woke from the coma, this toddler gave the doctor many classic — but this time welcome — “no” responses to questions and demanded kisses from his parents. Of course, they were happy to oblige his demands this time!

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