Amazing Pet Labrador Leaves An Incredible Legacy For Charities

A dog lover has showered appreciation on a specialized Cheshire veterinarian for twice saving her amazing pet’s sight.

Tollie the Labrador received two complex surgeries from specialists at Eye Vet in Sutton Weaver, Cheshire, a dedicated ophthalmology referral veterinarian.

Tollie, on the other hand, is no stranger to extraordinary deeds; in fact, an incredible 20 of her babies were donated to the Guide Dogs, Canine Partners, and Dogs for Good charities.

Tollie got her first operation by veterinary ophthalmologist Iona Mathieson in 2013 after a thorn had pierced her eye.

“Tollie had been playing in the woods when she returned home with harm to her right eye, which turned out to be caused by an embedded thorn,” Iona recalled.

“The thorn had pierced Tollie’s right cornea, and his iris had prolapsed. The iris was fixed, her eye was expanded again, and the anterior chamber was reshaped during surgery that same day.

“Tollie was in a pretty bad situation, but her eye’s vision improved.”

After a hazy area on her cornea turned into a cataract this year, Tollie had to return to the Linnaeus-owned Eye Vet for more surgery, where Iona once again rescued her sight.

Helen Forbes, from Birkenhead Park, the joyful owner of Tollie, said: “We’re very appreciative to Iona for her great job and the entire team at Eye Vet for their care and support.

“When Tollie’s tragedy occurred in 2013, we initially believed she had lost her eye because the eyeball had been perforated and was totally deflated.

Iona was able to preserve it, to my surprise, and Tollie recovered well despite the harm she had endured.

“However, Tollie got a cataract in the past five years, and Iona just had surgery to help her regain her eye vision.

“We couldn’t be more content. Tollie is a cherished family pet who has contributed significantly to worthy causes.

“She has produced three litters, 12 of which have been donated to Guide Dogs, three to the UK charity Canine Partners, three to Dogs for Good, and two to the French Guide Dogs organization.

“Bailey, one of Tollie’s puppies, has given birth to 11 of her own puppies, some of which have been given to Canine Partners and Dogs for Good.

Because so many of her puppies were donated, she now has some in the breeding program for guide dogs, which means her grandchildren and possibly even great-grandchildren will one day contribute as well.

The dynasty that Tollie has now established is quite wonderful and brings the entire family great joy.

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